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Pop Up Travel Cot

If you enjoy those team building events where one of you slots tent poles together, sliding pole A (red end first) into the blue sleeve and fixing to Tab C etc. while the other person attempts to decipher cryptic instructions poorly written by someone for whom English is not their first language...then this is not the Travel Cot for you !

This is a Pop Up Travel Cot, simply release it and it unfolds.

Disappointed ? ..well you could always put an extra puff of air into the 'self' inflating' mattress so you feel worthy of that smug feeling.

It doesn't get any easier than this. click here to watch the video

The NSA Large Pop Up UV Tent/Travel Cot is a practical & really convenient solution for a family on the move, compact and weighing only 3kg it couldn't be easier to put it up - simply release it and it pops up ! (no poles or fiddly frames to put together), even the mattress is self inflating.

NSA make two sizes of Travel Cot, this (the 'deluxe') is the larger size and is suitable for use from birth to say an average 4 1/2 year old

With the roll up window covers closed the Travel Cot provides SPF35+ UV Sun Protection so it doubles also as a Sun Shelter you can use for your child in the garden or at the beach (ground fixing pegs included)

Note. This product cannot replace responsible adult supervision to prevent sunburn or overheating. You should check for signs of burning at regular intervals, face the travel cot away from direct sunlight and ensure adequate ventilation, adjust clothing and use sun creams as appropriate.

Large side mesh net windows ensure good visibility and ventilation without the discomfort of blustery winds - especially if laden with sand at the beach. All mesh windows on this large travel cot have roll up covers, (note that the small NScessity Travel Cot does not have window covers) access is via one large side window with zip closure.

The polyester fabric is durable and low maintenance (simply wipe down with warm soapy water or a damp cloth). A wipe clean self inflating mattress is included together with a cotton quilted sleeping mat which is machine washable (cold water).

If you haven't used a 'self inflating' mattress before it's basically an inflatable mattress containing foam which when rolled up compresses, when unrolled and the valve opened the foam expands sucking in air to self inflate then you close the valve to hold the air in. To deflate simply open the valve and roll the mattress up to expell the air, then close the valve. You can inflate the mattress more than it naturally self inflates by simply blowing into it but remember this is for a lightweight child not yourself so it needs to be soft to be comfortable.

For your child it is a comfortable, familiar place to snuggle down...and a fun place to play !

For you it's practical:
  • lightweight for travelling
  • compact to fit in the car
  • easy to erect (less than a minute !)
  • easy to take down and pack away...provided you follow the instructions.... 3 mins

Size Erected approx: 136cm (53") long x 84cm (33") wide x 62cm (24") high

Size Packed approx: 46cm (18") diameter x 10cm (4") thick
Weight Packed (inc. tent pegs): 3kg (6.6 lbs)

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